I haven’t made a lot of progress this week unfortunately. The little progress I’ve made is slight changes to the convoy ship. I’ve swapped out the cube mesh for a ship mesh (the same mesh as the player object). I have also resized the ship as having the convoy the same size as the player didn’t fit with the idea for the game. I’m leaning towards the convoy being defenceless and having the ships smaller adds to that aspect.

I also want to have a few more ships and it would be too difficult to defend the convoy if they were the same size as the player ship. The next part I’ll be working on is adding more ships and getting them moving at delayed speeds so that they hang behind the ship at varying degrees. The current ship does this but I want ships that are further away will take longer to move than the closer ones, I want it to look like each row of ships are reacting to ships movements ahead of them.




This week I began trying to work out how to make it so my convoy would follow my player but at a certain distance so that the object doesn’t overlap with the player as seen in the above image. So far after looking at various solutions I have been unable to implement one that works into my game or come up with a solution myself. I will continue to try and find a solution and will turn to help if I continue to struggle.


In the mean time I worked on what I could to at least make some progress so I made it so that the convoy could get destroyed by the asteroids as well. This was simple enough as I just copied the code for the player object to get destroyed by the asteroid and changed the tag that the code was looking for from Player to convoy. It’s not the nicest looking code since i’ve essentially used the same bit of code twice but it will do for now.




After reading some unity documentation ( This page to be precise https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/DirectionDistanceFromOneObjectToAnother.html) I figured out how to keep the object from moving towards the player. I restricted it’s movement on the z axis which meant it would only move side to side. This isn’t the best solution as I want it to still move on the z axis just as long as there is a certain distance between it and the player. This does work to some degree so I will keep it for now and look to find a better solution later.


This week I managed to finish the space shooter tutorial I had been working on. There were still some steps left but as the game itself was in a finished state I felt it was the best time to start tinkering with it and adding my own gameplay elements to it and start testing.

My first addition will be one ship following the player. I looked to the tutorial we done in class which had and enemy follow a player. This was a good place to start as I now had an object following my player. This wasn’t ideal though because the object would just move to the players position. I needed to change it so that the object will follow the player but still keep a certain distance.


This week I continued working through the space shooter tutorial. While working through this is helpful in terms of learning valuable information about working on unity and what additions that can be made to a game to make it more interesting I should try to finish this tutorial as soon as possible.

I shall attempt to finish it for next week and begin adding my additions to the game and begin testing.


This week I finalized the idea that I would move forward with for my course work. I decided to go with the space shooter convoy idea, this idea was the most viable as it seems simple enough to tinker with and there are a few different aspects to work on.

After talking with the lecturer I’ve been given the go ahead to work on this idea but I was told to keep the difficulty of the game in mind. Adding a feature like this might make the game too difficult and might detract from the fun of the game.

I have already been working on a space shooter tutorial from unity so my aim is to finish that first and then begin tinkering with it. Once I have the basic working game it will be easier to try out new things.

I will also attempt to write more detailed documentation to go with my blog as well.

Week 3- Gameplay Prototyping

As it is week 3 I have started trying to narrow down what idea I want to move forward with. At this moment I am most likely going to move forward with the space shooter convoy idea. After doing a few tutorials I feel that I have an idea how to implement the necessary mechanics fairly easily. The sooner I implement the necessary mechanics the sooner I can test them in differing scenarios. I could set it in a static area and have the player survive a certain amount of time whilst they freely move about the environment or it could be a traditional  space shooter with limited movement. The size and number of the ships is another aspect that can be played about with. There could be many small ships or a few bigger ships. There is definitely numerous ways this can be modified.

I’m still not fully decided as the other ideas I have still sound interesting but right now I am favoring the space shooter idea.

Week 2- Gameplay Prototyping

Idea 3: A side-scrolling platformer where there are two tracks to follow. Basically there would be one track in the foreground and one in the background and while traversing normal platform obstacles you will need to switch to a different track every so often. The need to switch might not even be necessary, it could instead be a choice, if the player is stuck at a certain point on one track they switch to the other one to see if that’s easier.

Getting the right perspective will be difficult as the player will need a good idea what both tracks look like without anything obstructing their view. Also trying to find the balance between the sections of difficulty of both tracks will be difficult.

If the forced switch approach works as expected it could add an extra layer of difficulty to the genre, the player could be preparing to overcome a certain obstacle and then they are forced to switch dropping them in a section they are not prepared for yet.

If the optional switch works it could give the player a variety of ways to play through the levels of the game, if they play through it quickly they could go back to find out how to overcome the more difficult areas if they wanted.