Self Evaluation

Design aims- The design aims for this project were to develop a prototype for a social media application to support students studying with the new college. It could either be a native app running on the android OS or as a web app optimized for a smartphone. Planning targets- First was research, then the mini […]

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Hi-Fi prototype evaluation

I got 6 people to look at my Hi-Fi prototype and I gave them the task of getting from the Log in page to the results page and then to go back to the log in page. Person 1– They took 21 seconds to complete the task, they did not make a mistake, they recalled […]

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App Content and navigation

The content that will be on this app will be information on courses as a whole and classes , personal timetables, staff info (e.g contact information), info on students results, student portfolios, a map that shows the locations of the colleges, reminders of important dates (e.g holidays) and any recent pieces of news that is […]

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Style Evaluation

Opinions  Person 1-1 Visual: 4       Cultural response: Football   Accessibility: 5      Font: 4      Font & colour: 4                1-2 Visual: 4       Cultural response: Football   Accessibility: 3      Font: 4      Font & colour: 3                1-3 Visual: 4       Cultural response: N/A  Accessibility: 5      Font: 4 […]

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Colour & Typography examples

These are my variations of mixing my colour schemes with my typography examples to see what goes well together and what does not . So far I like the Tw Cen MT type with the second colour scheme (the brighter one) and the Trebuchet MS type with the other colour scheme.

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Typography examples

I tried out a few different fonts. I started with Baskerville Old face, this was alright but it is used a lot when it comes to books, especially older books. So I could see people losing interest in it as it has been used so many times before. It also did not have any bold […]

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Colour scheme

    For my colour scheme I wanted to start with a base colour, I chose yellow. I chose yellow because it is associated with optimism. Blue is also used as it represents knowledge. From the yellow I used different type of colour schemes such as analogous, triad and compound. I did this to get […]

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Mood board

Fife college has a web based app, this is what it looks like. I like the design, simplistic and eye catching. It includes features that I would have included in my app as well as great features that I never thought of. The pictures include the web based apps on android (right), iOS (left) and […]

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PACT Analysis

People Physical differences- One focus will be to make sure the app is accessible for everyone even those with differences. For example there will be a good chance that some people have eyesight problems so, like they can’t read small text, so the design would need to include large enough text for most people to […]

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Final success-ometer

simpleInterfaceEvaluation There is a download above which includes the scores people gave me when rating my success-ometer. I got useful feedback mainly that the green was too strong and the blue was not standing out as much as it should have and the font was not good (but I was restricted to basic fonts which […]

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