Venue research- Edinburgh museum of Scotland

Display equipment

Stands – Stands are used to break up the open space. They contain different sorts of objects.

Booths –

Screens – Screens are used at certain displays to give more information interactively.

Projectors – They are used to display large videos and pictures to bring empty space to life.

Posters –

Speakers –

Lighting – The lighting varies throughout the museum to suit the different exhibits.

Models – Pretty much ever display contained models for a more in depth experience.


Examples of how people interact with exhibits – There are touch screens placed throughout the museum, with information and mini games suited to the exhibits.


Map –

Traffic flow – A lot of the exhibits are open plan, but some areas are restricted by narrower walkways.

Interior design

Furniture –

Fittings –

Decor –


Tour Guide –

Reception – There is a reception that provides information

Security –


Signage –

Guides –

Books –

Apps –


Branding –

Material –

Web –

Advertising –


Catering –

Comfort –

Accessibility –


Security –

Emergency –


Video mixer

video mixer diagram


This is a quite old, simple  piece of equipment that was mainly used in the 70’s and 80’s. We tried this piece of equipment in class and it is simple to use and it is quite useful. If you have a laptop and a camera connected with the mixer you can mix the two video sources together and then show the result of the mixing on the projector.