Impact of technology and technical development The games industry is slowly changing because of the impact of technology and technical development, downloadable games are becoming more common, systems like Steam are massively successful , this is largely because of the convenience of downloadable games. With some exceptions downloadable games can be a lot cheaper than disc […]

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Gaming Industry- Jobs

Games Industry Game designer Job 1: “An experienced game designer tasked with working with a small, professional development team, looking for the challenge of adapting of creating new mobile games and brand spin offs on mobile platforms. Job Duties: – Deliver innovative and engaging designs within the scope, the technical limitations of the target platform […]

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Creative industries

Research Definition of creative industries: Creative industries are those that have their origin in individual creativity, skill and talent. They also include industries that have the potential to create wealth and job creation through the development, production or exploitation of intellectual property. info from “Just over two years ago, we published the first ever Creative […]

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