Project overview

For this project I was in a group with two other people (Mike and Taylor). We all done different parts of the project, me and Taylor wrote the story up, I also took pictures and done research and Michael done the style sheet as well as suggesting the font and colors that we used. For the next part of the project we all made separate video’s but with the same theme (the life of Andrew Carnegie), footage and information (some images that we used were the same as well).


Venue research- Edinburgh museum of Scotland

Display equipment

Stands – Stands are used to break up the open space. They contain different sorts of objects.

Booths –

Screens – Screens are used at certain displays to give more information interactively.

Projectors – They are used to display large videos and pictures to bring empty space to life.

Posters –

Speakers –

Lighting – The lighting varies throughout the museum to suit the different exhibits.

Models – Pretty much ever display contained models for a more in depth experience.


Examples of how people interact with exhibits – There are touch screens placed throughout the museum, with information and mini games suited to the exhibits.


Map –

Traffic flow – A lot of the exhibits are open plan, but some areas are restricted by narrower walkways.

Interior design

Furniture –

Fittings –

Decor –


Tour Guide –

Reception – There is a reception that provides information

Security –


Signage –

Guides –

Books –

Apps –


Branding –

Material –

Web –

Advertising –


Catering –

Comfort –

Accessibility –


Security –

Emergency –

Exhibition idea

My idea is to make a video timeline about the life of Andrew Carnegie, his family, special events in his life, who influenced him and his reasons for starting Lauder/Carnegie college. I will use images of him, the college and any other buildings he is related to. I will also use videos of any footage of him from the internet, footage of the college and any other buildings related to him that I will record. I will also show information about him and any special events that occurred.–1g8umtk

This is an example of a timeline video that displays information. The video is about the events leading up to the American civil war.

This is a really good example of a historic video. It displays a lot of information and uses a variety of video clips and images. This video is about failed assassination attempts.

Project plan

Week 1: Project set up, Get some basic ideas on what I am going to do.

Week 2&3: Research, research about Carnegie’s life, his family, special events in his life, people who influenced him and his reasons for starting Lauder/Carnegie college.

Week 4: Production, Get some images of Carnegie, his family, buildings he is linked with such as Carnegie hall and anything to do with any significant event in his life.

Easter Break (2 weeks)

Week 5:Production, Take a video of Carnegie’s birthplace museum, the concert hall, the college and any other buildings that are linked to Carnegie.

Week 6&7: Development

Week 8&9:Testing

Week 10: Evaluation


Information about Andrew Carnegie and George Lauder

Andrew Carnegie:

He was born November 25th, 1835 and died August 11, 1919.

He led the enormous expansion of the american steel industry in the late 19th century.

At the height of his career, Carnegie was the second-richest person in the world, behind only John D. Rockefeller of standard oil.

George Lauder:

He was born in May 9th, 1815 and died December 22nd, 1901.

He owned a grocers shop on Dunfermline high street.

He had a wife named Seaton Lauder and a son named after him named George D. Lauder.

Project brief

You have asked me to design two pieces of digital media ,one of which has to be an eBook,  about Carnegie/Lauder college, its history and what influence it had on the local community. This is to maintain record of an important part of  Dunfermline’s and west Fife’s heritage. Along with the eBook I will be making a video which is about the history of Andrew Carnegie, how he came to start Lauder/Carnegie college, his reasons behind it and who influenced him. The video will be like a timeline of Carnegie’s life, it will have information about Carnegie, pictures of him, the college, other buildings he is associated with and hopefully some footage of buildings in Dunfermline that are linked to him.