Typography examples


I tried out a few different fonts. I started with Baskerville Old face, this was alright but it is used a lot when it comes to books, especially older books. So I could see people losing interest in it as it has been used so many times before. It also did not have any bold or italic styles which may be needed. I then tried trebuchet MS, this is a more modern font. This was a lot better as it was quite simple yet stylish but I think the bold/italic styles don’t show up very well and that could be a problem if they are needed. The other font that I used was Tw Cen MT, this is my most preferred font. Like trebuchet it is simple and stylish which is what I am going for. It is perfectly readable big or small, both numbers & letters look good and the bold/italic styles stand out. The next thing I will do will be putting fonts and colour schemes together to see what goes together.


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