Style Evaluation

Opinions  Person 1-1 Visual: 4       Cultural response: Football   Accessibility: 5      Font: 4      Font & colour: 4                1-2 Visual: 4       Cultural response: Football   Accessibility: 3      Font: 4      Font & colour: 3                1-3 Visual: 4       Cultural response: N/A  Accessibility: 5      Font: 4 […]

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Colour & Typography examples

These are my variations of mixing my colour schemes with my typography examples to see what goes well together and what does not . So far I like the Tw Cen MT type with the second colour scheme (the brighter one) and the Trebuchet MS type with the other colour scheme.

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Typography examples

I tried out a few different fonts. I started with Baskerville Old face, this was alright but it is used a lot when it comes to books, especially older books. So I could see people losing interest in it as it has been used so many times before. It also did not have any bold […]

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Colour scheme

    For my colour scheme I wanted to start with a base colour, I chose yellow. I chose yellow because it is associated with optimism. Blue is also used as it represents knowledge. From the yellow I used different type of colour schemes such as analogous, triad and compound. I did this to get […]

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Mood board

Fife college has a web based app, this is what it looks like. I like the design, simplistic and eye catching. It includes features that I would have included in my app as well as great features that I never thought of. The pictures include the web based apps on android (right), iOS (left) and […]

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PACT Analysis

People Physical differences- One focus will be to make sure the app is accessible for everyone even those with differences. For example there will be a good chance that some people have eyesight problems so, like they can’t read small text, so the design would need to include large enough text for most people to […]

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Final success-ometer

simpleInterfaceEvaluation There is a download above which includes the scores people gave me when rating my success-ometer. I got useful feedback mainly that the green was too strong and the blue was not standing out as much as it should have and the font was not good (but I was restricted to basic fonts which […]

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