Social media

Location based services-┬áThese are services that use your location to do many things such as Facebook places use it to tell your friends where you are like what shop or restaurant you are in. Some services help show you places you might want to go to like a leisure center or a restaurant and some […]

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Apps research

History The first platforms for mobile devices that came along were palm OS ( now garnet OS), RIM Blackberry OS, the java platform became java micro edition (java ME), there was Binary Runtime Enviroment for Wireless (BREW) which was developed by Qualcomm and then there was the Symbian OS which was developed by Nokia, ┬áSony […]

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Mobile devices research

Background & history– The first mobile was released to the public in 1982, not many people liked them due to their price and bulkiness but now they are common place. The first popular mobile phone to use apps was the iPhone. Development began on the iPhone in 2004, 1000 employees worked on this project. It […]

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New media- brief

The client is wanting someone to develop a prototype for a social media app to help students studying with the new college. They would like it to run on the android OS (as this is a very open platform compared to others) or as a web app optimized for a smartphone. There should be research […]

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