The life of Andrew Carnegie

This is a timeline of Andrew Carnegie’s life that I made in my college course. I got the information for this video from:
and the Carnegie Birthplace museum.
The modern cottage and Carnegie Hall pictures are photo’s that I took myself.
The Andrew Carnegie picture at the beginning is from:
and the older picture of the cottage is from:
The pop sound effect was from Freesound and the song is called Daft Punk – Get Lucky feat. Pharrell Williams (Vijay & Sofia Zlatko Edit) by Vijay and Sofia.
Here is a link to the song:


Project overview

For this project I was in a group with two other people (Mike and Taylor). We all done different parts of the project, me and Taylor wrote the story up, I also took pictures and done research and Michael done the style sheet as well as suggesting the font and colors that we used. For the next part of the project we all made separate video’s but with the same theme (the life of Andrew Carnegie), footage and information (some images that we used were the same as well).