Image Slider

I made this image slider in college. First I got 8 images, I then edited a html code for an image slider and put the image file names in the code. I was given a cascading style sheet, a java script file and I saved them with the code. I had a few problems at first such as not putting in a bracket for the image file names but after that it was simple.


Common video players

One example of a common video player used on the web is You tube. You tube is the most recognized video player right now that millions of people use. You can watch a large amount of videos and you can like or dislike them to show people how you feel about it. You can also comment on videos and tell people your thoughts on the video. You can also upload your own videos. You tube is a flash player but can be changed to HTML 5 if you want to.

Another example of a video player is Vimeo. Vimeo is quite similar to you tube because you can watch a lot of videos, upload your own videos but you can also get free audio tracks to use for your videos. Vimeo is also a flash player.