mrWhyte project

College project- For this project I had to add sound to a video. The first thing I did was add sound effects such as footsteps and then I added some music. I got the sound effects from soundcloud, freesound and a folder on a college computer. I also got the music from freesound. I used Adobe Premier to add the sound, this was the first time I used this program and it took me some time to figure out how it everything worked but I eventually got the hang of things. I used a mix of audio files, the majority I used were WAVs but I used a few MP3 files. I din’t have any problems with the different audio files.



ballad-I made this track in my audio class. I used bass, drums and a guitar. I repeated a drum track a lot so it sounded like a constant drum line although some times I would changeĀ itĀ so that it wasn’t too repeatitive. Since there was not a lot of choices for guitar I didn’t use it as much because it would have sounded too repetitive and I also had to fill in the gaps left by the lack of guitar with either just drums, bass or both. I used Audition to make the track. I cut parts of the tracks that I didn’t need and I put the drumsm, bass and guitar on separate layers.